As I only worked for startups, I often was one of the few tech persons in the team. I had to learn the whole stack in order to be flexible, and Ruby on Rails made it a breaze.

Thought I’m a generalist, I have put over the years more focus on frontend technologies (React & Ember).



Keep it stupid simple unless you’re a fan of technical debt.


It allows a modular approach and a lot of flexibility.

No surprises

Make sure what is built has a single responsability.


Make sure every feature you build is deemed necessary.


Build – measure – Learn. Always start with a good MVP.

Open Source

If you can make it open source, you should.


As a musician, I always found difficult to find people to play with. So I started this side project. The site is now closed but, at the time, it allowed me to practice my Ruby on rails skill while still doing mostly design during my day job.

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This is a Ember SPA built to locate the closest collective taxi points in Brussels. Back then you had to search though a pdf provided by the city. So we created an app for that!

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I was first hired as a Ruby on rails web integrator but they liked design suggestions I kept making, so they started giving me design projects as well.

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